1 2 describe how to behave appropriately

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1 2 describe how to behave appropriately

Primer Second Edition is a non-normative document intended to provide an easily understandable tutorial on the features of the SOAP Version 1. Its purpose is to help a technically competent person understand how SOAP may be used, by describing representative SOAP message structures and message exchange patterns.

In particular, this primer describes the features of SOAP through various usage scenarios, and is intended to complement the normative text contained in SOAP Version 1. It is intended primarily for users of SOAP, such as application designers, rather than implementors of the SOAP specifications, although the latter may derive some benefit.

Therefore, there is no substitute for the main specifications to obtain a fuller understanding of SOAP. To that end, this primer provides extensive links to the main specifications wherever new concepts are introduced or used.

It also defines a protocol binding framework, which describes how the specification for a binding of SOAP onto another underlying protocol may be written.

1 2 describe how to behave appropriately

This document the primer is not normative, which means that it does not provide the definitive specification of SOAP Version 1. The examples provided here are intended to complement the formal specifications, and in any question of interpretation the formal specifications naturally take precedence.

The examples shown here provide a subset of the uses expected for SOAP.

SOAP Version Part 0: Primer (Second Edition)

In actual usage scenarios, SOAP will most likely be a part of an overall solution, and there will no doubt be other application-specific requirements which are not captured in these examples.

Infosets can have different on-the-wire representations aka serializationsone common example of which is as an XML 1. However, other serializations are also possible, and [MTOM] using the [ XOP ] format offers one mechanism for doing so for the cases where there is a need to optimize the processing and size of the transmitted message.

SOAP is fundamentally a stateless, one-way message exchange paradigm, but applications can create more complex interaction patterns e.

SOAP is silent on the semantics of any application-specific data it conveys, as it is on issues such as the routing of SOAP messages, reliable data transfer, firewall traversal, etc.

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However, SOAP provides the framework by which application-specific information may be conveyed in an extensible manner. Section 2 of this document provides an introduction to the basic features of SOAP starting with the simplest usage scenarios, namely a one-way SOAP message, followed by various request-response type exchanges, including RPCs.

Fault situations are also described. Section 3 provides an overview of the SOAP processing model, which describes the rules for initial construction of a message, rules by which messages are processed when received at an intermediary or ultimate destination, and rules by which portions of the message can be inserted, deleted or modified by the actions of an intermediary.

Section 4 of this document describes the ways in which SOAP messages may be transported to realize various usage scenarios. Examples are also provided on how RPCs, in particular those that represent "safe" information retrieval, may be represented in SOAP message exchanges in a manner that is compatible with the architectural principles of the World Wide Web.

Section 5 of this document provides a treatment of various aspects of SOAP that can be used in more complex usage scenarios. These include the extensibility mechanism offered through the use of header elements, which may be targeted at specific intermediate SOAP nodes to provide value-added services to communicating applications, using various encoding schemes to serialize application-specific data in SOAP messages, and the means to provide a more optimized serialization of a SOAP message under certain circumstances.

Section 7 of this document provides references. For ease of reference, terms and concepts used in this primer are hyper-linked to their definition in the main specifications. The distinction between the SOAP message infosets and their representation as XML documents is unlikely to be of interest to those using this primer as an introduction to SOAP; those who do care typically those who port SOAP to new protocol bindings where the messages may have alternative representations should understand these examples as referring to the corresponding XML infosets.

Further elaboration of this point is provided in Section 4 of this document. The namespace prefixes "env", "enc", "rpc", "rep", "xop" and "xmime" used in the prose sections of this document are associated with the namespace names " http: The namespace prefixes "xs" and "xsi" used in the prose sections of this document are associated with the namespace names "http: Note that the choice of any other namespace prefix is arbitrary and not semantically significant.

Namespace URIs of the general form "http: The primer starts by exposing the structure of a SOAP message and its exchange in some simple usage scenarios based on a travel reservation application. Various aspects of this application scenario will be used throughout the primer.Science – Push & Pull Unit of Work Grade F/1/2 Summary This unit of work focuses on learning about different pushes and pulls and how students can identify these.

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1 2 describe how to behave appropriately

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