Bio100 lab essay example

If you add soap to water, than it will decrease the effect on the surface tension. Is the tap water Independent Variable: Is the soap Dependent Variable: Is the drops of soap you fit on the penny 1.

Bio100 lab essay example

Understanding these factors helps scientists predict population growth or declinae, which is useful in managing species that are at-risk, and in understanding human population dynamics.

Theoretically, if left unchecked and with unlimited space and food, the population of a species will increase rapidly. However, several factors can affect growth rates. In this lab, random sampling techniques will be used to estimate populations of various organisms.

Random sampling is a technique used to estimate populations where it is not possible to manually count an entire population and therefore is an important tool used by population ecologists.

Metric ruler 4 plot markers bamboo 5 meters of string or cord Yeast population count diagram Required Materials Student Supplied: Describe the factors which affect population size.

Explain why scientists use random sampling techniques to estimate the size of a population. Distinguish between random, uniform, and clumped population distributions.

Explain Bio100 lab essay example age structure diagrams can help to predict changes in a population. Distinguish between exponential and logistic growth.

Distinguish between density-dependent and density-independent factors, providing examples for each. Explain whether a species exhibits r-selected or K-selected growth.

Apply population sampling techniques and calculations to human population dynamics. Background Information Population ecology plays an important role in helping to identify endangered species, and maintain biodiversity.

The study of population ecology looks at the factors that affect the growth and density of a population. Many of the concepts of population ecology can be applied to human population growth, which is one of the major challenges the earth faces today.

A population is a group of individuals of a species Bio100 lab essay example are found within a specified location. There is no standard size for the location of a given population; normally the location will be dependent upon a researchers interests or needs.

A location could be contained to a small pond where researchers are studying a specific protozoan, or it could be an entire state where grizzly bears are being researched.

The field of population ecology examines the factors that affect the size of a population. The following factors affect the size of a population: The size of a population includes the total number of individuals present in a specified location at a particular time.

Population size can vary considerably over time, sometimes even seasonally with some species. The number of individuals in a population per unit area or volume is called the population density.

High population density may seem to be ideal; however, overcrowding can lead to increased prevalence of diseases and parasites, as well as increased vulnerability to predators that can ultimately cause a steep, rapid decline in the size of a population.

In examining population densities, biologists are able to determine if a population is increasing, decreasing, or remaining the same. This information, in turn, can provide information regarding the environment and whether factors like available resources are changing.

For example, if a food source has diminished due to drought, the carrying capacity maximum population that a given area can support will be negatively affected.

Biologists that determine the size of a given population face several challenges. For example, it is usually impractical for scientists to count an entire population; in some situations, there may be far too many individuals to count them all, or in other situations, environmental factors may make it difficult to count an entire population.

For instance, the terrain may be very rugged or the animals being studied may clump together in groups or may be difficult to locate.

Bio100 lab essay example

Because of these limitations, scientists normally estimate the size of a population by taking a random sample of individuals in the population and then extrapolating the size of the entire population based on that sample.

The distribution of a population across or within a given location is also important in studying population dynamics. There are three types of spatial distributions, as seen in the image below. A random distributionis one where individuals are located throughout the location, in no particular pattern.

Bio100 lab essay example

A uniform distributionis one where individuals are evenly spaced throughout the location and is typical of organisms that compete for space. Finally, a clumped distribution details a distribution where individuals occur in patches around resources needed for survival. Another factor that influences a population is the ratio of males to females.

This is called the sex ratio. If the species is monogamous, meaning individuals only take a single mate, the ideal sex ratio is one male to every one female. If a species relies on this ratio and an extraneous variable reduces the numbers of one sex, it could negatively impact the population.

Another important variable that affects population size is the age distribution or age structure of a population. This factor considers the number of individuals of different ages or age ranges within a given population.

Constructing age structure diagrams can provide important information as to the future population size of a species.s i o n LAB REPORT PHOTOS – Include two digital photos with your lab report, either as separate attachments to an e-mail or paste into your document.

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