Business reporter salary range

Al Ngullie How much do Indian journalists earn in a month? What is the median to the pay package and incentives that news reporters and production journalists share? Some of the commonest queries that I receive from readers, aspiring journalists, and Mass Communication students revolve around salaries and incentives members of news organizations "enjoy.

Business reporter salary range

Sports Illustrated reporter Richard Deitsch retweeted lots of responses Monday night to his tweet pointing to the article: Been in business 25 years and barely making more than that.

business reporter salary range

And, I'm sorry to say, essentially useless when it comes to a statistical picture of the field. Now, there are very good arguments that a median salary -- the middle value in a range -- is a better way to take the temperature of a certain profession, since it's not as easily distorted by outliers.

Median salaries are usually lower. Last year, Susan Johnston looked at state-by-state BLS data to see what states were best bets for reporters. Average salaries simply add all the responses up, divide them by the number of responses and presto: In an email, Koncz writes JSI didn't tell NACE how many responses it got for the journalism category, but "it was at least 31, since that's the number of salaries that were reported for Journalism majors by particular industries," she writes.

This is important, too: That number includes journalism majors no matter where they land jobs inside or outside newsrooms. But the numbers aren't wildly off from other data about the publishing industry. Here's a map from BLS' data about editor salaries at newspaper, book, periodical and directory publishers across the U.

Click to view larger image. But let's look at one more map, showing the "location quotient" of editors, the BLS term for "the ratio of the area concentration of occupational employment to the national average concentration.

You can go through the same exercise with reportersfor whom the annual mean wage in D. So where you work matters when looking at calculations like this -- the more competition there is for your services, the better your chance of a higher paycheck.

But what you make doesn't mean the overall average is wrong, or that your boss is a notable no-good, penny-pinching schmuck. She or he may just be an average, no-good, penny-pinching schmuck.The annual earnings of a CNN anchor range from $40, for a freelance worker to a multimillion-dollar salary, as of The earnings for a CNN anchor varies based on experience and whether the anchor has received tenure.

An anchor for CNN generally works an eight-hour shift, consisting of three. As part of your interview preparation, do your best to find out what the salary range might be for this kind of position in this industry, and if you can, for this organization. 25 Best Jobs That Pay $K Actuaries, optometrists and petroleum engineers take home big paychecks.

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How much does a Reporter make? The national average salary for a Reporter is $52, in United States. Filter by location to see Reporter salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 2, salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Reporter employees.

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