Catering business plan in pakistan karachi

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Catering business plan in pakistan karachi

Advertisement Last Updated On: This type of business is very common in almost every country of the world. If you are creative and hard-working, you can establish a small business by yourself.

Creativity and innovation usually help these small businesses to grow into large successful businesses. It can be started with a low amount and if profitable, more investment can be done with the passage of time. Make a Blog or Website If you have some knowledge of computer and internet, you probably can make your own blog.

It can be related to anything of your interest but it is better if you can research about what market demands so that you can write specifically on those topics.

This business is very good for women who prefer to stay at home as house wives and have responsibility to manage their homes.

Which Business is Most Profitable in Pakistan

So they can invest around thousand rupees in making a blog and they can spend hours daily on their blog. Opening a Shop or Store If you do not have enough money to buy a franchise or make a super store, then opening a small shop or a small store probably is the best you can do.

With lac rupees investment you can certainly grow your business in a couple of years and start earning a handsome return on your investment. If you are educated, there is no need to feel shame in opening a shop.

In fact your education will help you manage the shop much better than the illiterate and you can quickly grow your business. Investment in Poultry Sector If you do not have capacity to make your own poultry farm, you can innovate ways like you can invest in eggs, you can get small chicks and raise them up to 10 days as they are cheaper if bought small and their price increases as they get older.

You can invest in their transportation from poultry farm to different hotels and other catering services. There is a lot to do in poultry sector with small investments. Livestock for Eid In Pakistan, Eid ul Azha is the time when every Muslim makes sacrifice of the livestock and prices of the livestock are always on the high during Eid days.

You can safely invest in few animals for a couple of months and can generate a handsome profit during the Eid days. Investment in Mushrooms Mushrooms are getting more and more popular as the Italian Pizzas are becoming a major part of our lives.

Without mushroom, the pizza would not taste as delicious.

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Not only pizza, many other dishes require mushroom as an important ingredient. With an investment of around lac rupees one can develop a small industry of mushrooms where mushrooms are produced and then packed into cans to be exported into the market.

It is quite profitable as well.

catering business plan in pakistan karachi

Investment in Grains and other food items Wheat, rice, sugar cane and many other grains are always on the high. All these grains if properly stored can be used after a long time. Especially rice can get you double profit if months old.

Investment in the storage of these crops can yield large profits if right choices are made during their purchase and selling.View Taher Jamali’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community.

Karachi, Pakistan. • To support County Head and other functions’ leads to develop annual business plan and mid to long term strategy in line with the direction from SA Territory and APAC Finance Business Partner at .

Evento is one of the leading event management companies in pakistan which provides competent event management and planning services such as birthday celebrations, wedding ceremonies and many more. Pakistan International Airlines (Urdu: پاکستان انٹرنیشنل ایئر لائنز ‬ ‎) commonly referred by PIA (Urdu: پی‌آئی‌اے ‬ ‎) is the national flag carrier of main hub is Karachi while Lahore and Islamabad serve as secondary hubs..


The airline was founded on 29 October as Orient Airways, initially based in Calcutta, India, before shifting. Emirates introduces three new destinations in its global network – Newark via Athens, Phnom Penh and Zagreb.

Emirates and flydubai announce new partnership, including an expansive codeshare agreement, schedule alignment and . You have to make a clear business plan and set your goals. You need to do some market research and find the opportunities. Starting a business in Pakistan is a challenging task.

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catering business plan in pakistan karachi

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