Country road business report

A Country Manager job involves working to manage operations, develop business and increase profitability for a company in a specific region or country. Within corporate relocations and international removals, a Country Manager needs to have specialist skills and knowledge relating to this sector.

Country road business report

The Group is on a journey to be a leader in sustainability.

country road business report

We focus on the following areas to guide our approach: Our Code of Labour Practice supports the following ethical trading principles: That employment be freely chosen, not forced, bonded or resulting in involuntary prison labour; That freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected; That working conditions are safe and hygienic; That child labour will not be permitted; That living wages should be paid; That working hours are not excessive; That discrimination should never be permitted or tolerated; That regular employment is provided; That harsh or inhumane treatment should not be allowed; and Commitment to compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and a commitment to environmental efficiency and improvement over time.

Suppliers undergo regular social compliance checks conducted by independent auditors, or are required to supply audit reports from independent auditors, to ensure they meet the standards of the Code. Click here to download our Code of Labour Practice.

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Code of Conduct The Group maintains high standards within the business and supply chain to uphold ethical behaviours, ensuring compliance with its Code of Conduct. Product safety The Group ensures products are safe, fit for purpose and meet the legal and mandatory regulatory requirements in the countries in which it trades.

Sustainable farming and sourcing of raw materials Animal Welfare Principles All our manufacturers are required to promote animal welfare by minimising any potential harm, stress or pain to animals, and adhering to relevant national and international standards for Animal Welfare.

Click here to download our Animal Welfare principles.


Angora In response to the revelations highlighted by PETA in regarding angora and the process of fibre removal, the Group ceased ordering product containing angora in January The Group will maintain this position until it is completely satisfied that ethical standards of fibre procurement are being followed by the angora industry.

Wool The Group is a major supporter of the Australian wool industry and many wool products proudly display that they are made from Australian merino wool. A proactive approach to sourcing a sustainable supply of non-mulesed wool has been undertaken. Leather We work with our suppliers to source the best quality leathers.

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Cow, sheep and goat hide those most commonly used are to be a by-product of other industries and animals should be humanely slaughtered to ensure minimum distress. We do not use exotic skins. Suppliers are responsible for ensuring that both their own facilities and those of their third party suppliers follow the guidelines in the ECoP.

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Water tank at head office The water tanks at the Richmond Head Office capture approximately 1, litres of rain water each year which is used in the office toilets. Energy efficiency The Group continues to drive energy efficiency and sustainable store design by: Installing LED light fittings in all new and refurbished stores; Using timers on shopfront lights and sensors in back areas; Using only cold water in most stores and timers on hot water systems in large stores; Using paints with low levels of volatile organic compounds in all new stores and refits; Using timbers and veneer from sustainable sources; and Encouraging employees to take public transport to work.

Signatory responsibilities include the submission and execution of a packaging and waste action plan.The "Better Business, Better World" report shows how pursuing the Global Goals could raise trillions in new market opportunities in ways that extend prosperity to all.

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