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Might I but moor To-night in Thee! Among the ranks of other such acclaimed poets as Walt WhitmanEmily Dickinson is considered one of the most original 19th Century American poets. She is noted for her unconventional broken rhyming meter and use of dashes and random capitalisation as well as her creative use of metaphor and overall innovative style.

Dickinson essay college

In fact the first seven lines of the poem reveal the outlines of the plot and its significance. And we also know that the move from Troy to Rome will be difficult travel, war because divine powers, and in particular Juno, make it so, vi superum, saevae memorem Iunonis ob iram.

Clearly if we are to keep reading it is not because we are keen to find out how it all turns out in the end.

Dickinson essay college

With the beginning and the end of the story already firmly fixed and named the beginning is Troy, Troiae … oris; the end is given several names, Italia, Lavinia litora, Latium, gentem Latinum, Albani patres, Romawe are invited to wonder about the events between: Well might we wonder why this man was tossed about, what might pit a goddess against a man this way—then Virgil asks the muse to remind him or tell him the answer to this very question: What caused the memor ira of saeva Iuno?

Poseidon harassed Odysseus because Odysseus blinded his son. But even the way Vergil asks his question confounds this expectation: Yet the incredulity and urgency of the capping question in line 11, Tantaene animis caelestibus irae?

Many discussions of the opening of the Aeneid end their exploration here at line The questions in 8—11 have, rightly, been understood as articulating a theme that resonates throughout the epic, and so treated as essentially open, even as unanswerable questions.

Juno is angry, we are told, for several reasons—none of which are to do with anything that Aeneas himself has done. The most significant, the most salient, the most immediately relevant is detailed first and most elaborately, in over ten lines 12— She keeps her armor and chariot there hic illius arma, hic currus fuit, 15—16and she is already nurturing it iam tum tenditque fovetque, But she had heard that a people were being drawn out from Trojan blood, and that they would bring destruction to her Tyrian citadels in Libya 19—22 ; she had heard the Fates unrolled this.

And Juno fears this fated future, id metuens 23 ; and her fear for the future is coupled with her memory of the past: Thus together her fear of what will happen and her inability to let go of what has already happened infuriate her now.

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Burned by these things, his accensa, she chases the remnants of the Trojans around for years. The end of the answer draws it all together: Tantae molis erat Romanam condere gentem Draws what all together? Such an effort it was to establish the Roman people. What was the effort again?

And an effort for whom?Finding aid. Mount Holyoke College Emily Dickinson Collection; Yale University Library Manuscripts and Archives, New Haven, Connecticut.

The papers of Dickinson editor Mabel Loomis Todd consist of correspondence, notebooks, diaries, lectures, financial records, scrapbooks, subject files, and memorabilia documenting Todd's personal life and professional career. It ’s all I have to bring to-day. Mine by the right of the white election!; You left me, sweet, two legacies; Alter?

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The Emily Dickinson International Society sponsors a prize for undergraduate research on Emily Dickinson. Emily Dickinson () A selective list of online literary criticism for the nineteenth-century American poet Emily Dickinson, with links to reliable biographical and introductory material and signed, peer-reviewed literary criticism.

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