Educating rita a social comedy

Educating Rita, both in its version of a motion picture as well as a play, is a comedy contrived from class based differences of the lead protagonists. Rita, played by Julie Walters is a twenty six year old hairdresser, ailing from working classLiverpool. To the role of her tutor, played by Michael Caine, are associated middle-class markers of education, job security and social status. Having emerged from different socio-economic backgrounds, the meeting of the tutor and the pupil induces refreshing changes in both their lives.

Educating rita a social comedy

Plot summary[ edit ] The plays follows the relationship between a year-old Liverpudlian working class hairdresser and Frank, a middle-aged university lecturer, during the course of a year. Susan who initially calls herself Ritadissatisfied with the routine of her work and social life, seeks inner growth by signing up for and attending an Open University course in English Literature.

The play opens as 'Rita' meets her tutor, Frank, for the first time. Frank is a middle-aged, alcoholic career academic who has taken on the tutorship to pay for his drink. The two have an immediate and profound effect on one another; Frank is impressed by Susan's verve and earnestness and is forced to re-examine his attitudes and position in life; Susan finds Frank's tutelage opens doors to a bohemian lifestyle and a new self-confidence.

However, Frank's bitterness and cynicism return as he notices Susan beginning to adopt the pretensions of the university culture he despises. Susan becomes disillusioned by a friend's attempted suicide and realises that her new social niche is rife with the same dishonesty and superficiality she had previously sought to escape.

The play ends as Frank, sent to Australia on a sabbatical, welcomes the possibilities of the change. Themes[ edit ] The play deals with the concept of freedom, change, England's class system, the shortcomings of institutional education, and the nature of self-development and of personal relationships.

Educating rita a social comedy

The play borrows from the George Bernard Shaw play Pygmalionitself based upon archetypes from Greek myth.C Sean Caffrey. Born Belfast 1st April Died Belfast 25th April Largely unsung and seasoned actor, who at one time was a potential leading man and whose efficacy was given an early test in writer Patrick Galvin’s televised play ‘Boy in the Smoke’ , in which he starred as Paddy, a newly arrived Irish immigrant in London.

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The nation's largest gathering of Black film and tv enthusiasts. Educating Rita is a British drama/comedy film directed by Lewis Gilbert with a screenplay by Willy Russell based on his stage film stars Michael Caine, Julie Walters, Michael Williams and Maureen won multiple major awards for best actor and best actress and was nominated for three Academy Awards..

Caine and Walters both won BAFTA and Golden Globe awards for best. Hi there this is the home of OLDTIMETV & RADIO. The best place on the net for rare TV and radio shows. Come on in and check out the thousands of shows we have in our collection.

Educating Rata Is a play that uses the colloquialism of the mall protagonist, Rata, to create the comedy element for the audience when she Is being tutored by Frank, an untypical university lecturer who works In the setting of sass’s northern England.

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