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Ethesis helsinki fi julkaisut

While its focus often is on the consequences of environmental threats like pollution and climate change, it also entails the potential of environment to serve as a basis for cooperation. This Doctoral dissertation is a historical analysis of the concept of environmental security in international cooperation in the post-conflict Western Balkans from onwards.

The analysis examines the securitisation of environment carried out by international organisations. It looks at the way in which actors like UN agencies and OSCE, aimed to enhance human security and encourage trans-boundary cooperation through environmental causes, thereby attempting to contribute to overall stability in the region.

The dissertation examines the implications that environmental security discourse had in terms of both environmental cooperation and the concept of security. In terms of theory, the dissertation relies on the securitisation framework introduced by the Copenhagen School.

It considers security as constructed through an inter-subjective process between a referent object, a securitising agent and an audience.

Securitisation may help to raise new issues onto the political agenda, but it may also end up restricting democratic discussion or lead to militarisation. However, the dissertation follows scholars like Balzacq, Oels, and Trombetta in arguing that the practices of security may also need to change as new challenges like climate change arise.

Indeed, the wider aim of the dissertation is to yield new insights into the securitization framework itself. Therefore, it looks at the degree to which the process in the Western Balkans has led to securitisation through the emergence of new environmental security practices and policies.

The research shows that in the Western Balkans, the securitisation of environment was primarily used as a tool for peace-building. It has only led to a limited degree of securitisation, although some new security practices emerged, such as the mapping of environmental threats.

As a concept, however, environmental security has been useful for focusing cooperation on multiple sectors. The results overall suggest that there is a need for new, more comprehensive and inclusive security logic to counter threats like climate change.

The aerosol flow reactor method was used to produce carrier-free formulations of water soluble and insoluble drugs as well as combination powders with drugs of opposing solubilities.

Aug 24,  · Ethesis helsinki fi julkaisut >>> get more info Samples job application essay A separate peace: contrasting gene and phineas and the struggle for powerjulie gibsonjohn knowles’ a separate peace depicts many examples of how. Pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction is the ultimate cause behind all forms of diabetes. Decades of research with different animal and cellular models have expanded the knowledge on the heterogeneous molecular mechanisms causing the disease. Permians split into two groups, probably during the 9th century. [5] The Komis came under the rule of the Novgorod Republic in the 13th century and were converted to Orthodox Christianity in the s.

L-leucine, L-valine and L-phenylalanine were studied for coating and encapsulation of drug particles. The produced formulations were tested for their aerosolization properties, cytocombatibility and drug permeation properties. All leucine coated powders showed good aerosolization performance.

They were shown to perform flow rate independently in terms of emitted dose and fine particle fraction. Water insoluble beclomethasone dipropionate in combination powder was found to have significantly faster permeation through a lung cell monolayer when compared to physical mixture of the formulation components.

Similar difference was not seen with water soluble salbutamol sulphate. The effect was not observed with cyclodextrine based formulations of prednisolone and fludrocortisoneacetate. The anti-fibrotic water soluble small molecule tilorone was formulated and its anti-fibrotic potential was studied in vivo.

The emitted doses were 3. The formulation was shown to retain its biological activity in vitro after the processing despite high reactor temperatures.

Tilorone was studied in pulmonary administration in a silica model of pulmonary fibrosis in mice. It produced significant reduction in histological scoring of fibrosis when compared to the vehicle group.

The effectiveness of tilorone in pulmonary administration could likely be increased with more refined dosing. In this thesis we have shown that the aerosol flow reactor method is a versatile mean for formulating both water soluble and insoluble drugs. We have shown that tilorone can be formulated as inhalable dry powder andhas high potential in treatment of fibrotic lung diseases.Ethesis Helsinki Fi Julkaisut.

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Ethesis helsinki fi julkaisut

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depression and executive dysfunction after stroke Risto Vataja Academic dissertation to be publicly discussed by permission of the Medical Faculty of the University of Helsinki In Auditorium 2, Meilahti Hospital, on 20 May, at 12 noon. Tämän kvantitatiivisen tutkielman tarkoituksena on selvittää, miten varhaiskasvattajat käyttävät musiikkia työssään.

Lisäksi tutkielma kartoittaa, minkälaisia musiikillisia tietoja ja taitoja varhaiskasvattajat kokevat tarvitsevansa työssään, minkälaista musiikinopetusta on kuulunut heidän koulutukseensa ja . Weather, Terkko, Helsinki Finland Population, Visit Helsinki Finland, Helsinki Webmail, City of Helsinki, Information About Helsinki Finland, University of Helsinki Fi.

Th e Neurosurgery Research Group, Biomedicum Helsinki Department of Neurosurgery, University of Helsinki Department of Neurosurgery, University of Kuopio Main fi ndings of immunostaining for oxidized LDL in the SCAA wall and serology for oxidized LDL.

ABSTRACT Mattila A, ”Seeing Things in a New Light” – Reframing in Therapeutic Conversation. Helsinki: Rehabilitation Foundation, Research Reports 67/ This is a study in the theory and philosophy ofpsychotherapy.

The focus is on the.

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