How to write a press release for media coverage

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How to write a press release for media coverage

Over to You What is a boilerplate? When it comes to writing a company boilerplate you might have heard this saying: It is used in all communications sent to journalists and bloggers when doing public relations to get press coverage.

A good company boilerplate will have an immense impact on all your press outreach. What is a Company Boilerplate? See this bit of text at the bottom of this press release by Apple about the iMac Pro?

The same text appears verbatim at the bottom of another press release about the iPhone X. Is Apple getting lazy? Is it running out of copywriters? A company boilerplate is a few paragraphs of text about the company that goes at the bottom of all its press releases. This text describes the company, its purpose, and often, its size, presence, and chief locations.

The boilerplate text is standardized, i.

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You might make a few minor tweaks for different releases, but the overall text remains largely the same. Although often overlooked, the company boilerplate is an important part of any PR campaign. What is the Purpose of the Company Boilerplate? Put yourself in the shoes of a journalist.

They all seem to sound similar and come from companies you can neither recognize nor remember.

how to write a press release for media coverage

Did I write about this company earlier? Or was it another similarly named company? This is where company boilerplates help. A win-win for everyone involved. Some other uses and benefits are: Every press release requires an about section.

The boilerplate text is repeated across all your press releases which are subsequently published by hundreds of sites. Adding your target keywords in the text ensures that your business name gets associated with said keywords.

You can also add keyword-rich links in the boilerplate for added SEO benefits. You can add targeted CTAs in your boilerplate and direct all traffic to a relevant page. Journalists researching your business can search for your boilerplate text and find all press releases from your company.

Alternatively, adding relevant keywords to the press release ensures that journalists can find your release when searching through a press release database. Beyond all of these practical benefits, having a company boilerplate is simply standard industry best practice.

Journalists will ask for your boilerplate. So will PR agents. Dmitry's Take As your business grows, it will need to reach out to the press more and more. A new investment, a new launch, a key hire, a big milestone — all of these warrant press releases.

Creating separate boilerplates for all these stories will waste your time and create an inconsistent brand image. Implement this tactic right now with our software.

A typical press release follows this format: This format facilitates the reverse pyramid structure.

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That is, the freshest and most important information goes at the top. Repetitive or less important information goes at the bottom. Thus, the company boilerplate — which is not crucial to the actual news in the press release — finds a spot near the bottom.

For best results, I encourage you not to tinker with this format. Use it to get a feel for how effective press releases are written. It does a great job of explaining what the company does.If you're looking to get media coverage for your small business, being able to write an effective press release is an essential skill.

how to write a press release for media coverage

But how long should a press release be? Easy Media List is the fast, reliable and affordable way to create media lists for business and nonprofit publicity, to get news coverage for your ideas, products, services and events. President Donald Trump and his administration are engaged in an unprecedented war on the press, which began during his presidential campaign and continued into the transition and his.

One way to get local press coverage is to write and distribute an effective press release to your local media outlets. eReleases, our recommended press release distribution service, lets you reach thousands of journalists with your unique press release message.

What is a boilerplate? In the context of public relations, the boilerplate, is a standardized last paragraph that is inserted in all the press releases giving an outline of the company’s products, services, clients, awards, its purpose and positioning, and often, its size, presence, key locations as well as its website and social media profile links.

Media / Political Bias. There is no such thing as an objective point of view. No matter how much we may try to ignore it, human communication always takes place in a context, through a medium, and among individuals and groups who are situated historically, politically, economically, and socially.

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