Ict in nigeria

Over 20 Nigerians are currently actively engaged at Facebook at different managerial positions. Nigerians are part of the new tribe of digital natives shaping the world at Microsoft, Apple and other top-of-the-cream global IT conglomerates.

Ict in nigeria

In Nigeria, there are so many challenges facing the implementation of ICT in many facets of our economy. This information is useful for policy makers, students and researchers. Information and communication technologies are as the name implies gadgets used for information and communication, to include telephones, televisions, radios, computers amongst others.

With telephones, television and computers, audiovisual communication is effected. The advent of Information and communication technologies and the possibilities it offered were sources of excitement for Nigerians, now, these gadgets are getting more complex, more sophisticated, and more expensive.

The practice of capitalism within the nation and the world as a whole has led to proliferation and duplication of gadgets and softwares. Each of these gadgets have their attendant installation packages and softwares, which when analyzed are a major source of drill holes in the pocket, wallet and bank account.

Ict in nigeria

The internet is a virtual world, an extension of reality but research as confirmed that individuals spend and prefer to exist in the virtual world.

Several reasons have been given for this phenomenon, such asthe increasing sophistication and complexities of gadgets, coupled with the fact that ICT is easily becoming tangential to human lives and activities promotes the challenge to understand and master these hardware and softwares, thus becoming increasingly engrossed, thus becoming increasingly engrossed; another reason is that ICT serves as an escape from the problems of reality.

Technology-mediated relationships are speedily taking the place of interpersonal relationships. Humans in general are now so dependent on technology for the collection and recollection of data and information, that the brains seem to be in a state of inertia.

It seems the hard drives and flash drives have replaced the store keeping function of the brain, the computer does virtually everything the brain does, a trigger for continued and over dependence. The E-tribal war between the tribes of the Yoruba and Igbos may not have begun online but it definitely gained momentum online and have escalated.

This is making the government program of One Nigeria nearly impossible. Gadgets that are supposedly to connect and reconnect friends and strangers have become a tool for propaganda and war. ICT gadgets are foreign products, constant purchase of them not only increases and benefits their economy but also makes us subject to subtle advertisements with alluring pictures and messages which promote foreign brands and also makes us view national cultural artifacts as sub standard.

This is evident in the popularity of English language and dresses. Nigeria has over languages of which English language is not one of themyet it is our lingua franca, some people can not even speak their own native language, and their tribal wears looks alien to them.

An example is of the terrorist group boko haram, recording and disseminating pictures and videos of hideous acts to the internet for downloading through these gadgets. These gadgets are used to seek for information, human and material resources, gather sympathizers, recognition and maybe even respect.

The wide dissemination puts the state in a condition of disarray, another feather in the cap of the terrorists.

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Telephones emit electromagnetic waves, have been the cause of deaths by explosion. Light from television and computer screens have been discovered to be dangerous to the eyes. Kidnappers and ritualists have through this medium deceived several people under the guise of trying to move from being virtual friends to real friends.

Not achieving these goals have lead to depression and other desperate actions such as posting nude and semi nude pictures. Solutions to the Problems Of ICT in Nigeria 1- Regulations on Importation So long as Capitalism remains the dominating economic practice, there will continue to be creation of more gadgets in a bid to beat the specs of the last gadget and ultimately attract more market.ICT in Education in Nigeria Excerpted from info Dev's Survey of ICT and Education in Africa (Volume2): 53 Country Reports For more information about this project, please see Survey of ICT .


The State of ICT in Nigeria Ogunsola and Aboyade () observe that Nigeria had a late start in the use of computers, but the growth in their use has been quite remarkable. The computer installations are widely distributed in universities, government departments and agencies, banks, commercial establishments, and industries.5/5(2).

Nigeria has become Africa’s largest ICT market, accounting for 29% of internet usage in Africa in 7. In the ICT sector accounted for 8% of national GDP and 35% of the cumulative FDI.

(ICT) in Nigeria educational assessment system with its emerging challenges.” Each of the instruments has sections A and B.

The instruments were: (a).


Students’ Perception on Information and Communications Technology in Educational Assessment System (SPICTEAS) (b). The stakeholders hampered on the fact that Nigeria must become part of the Digital Evolution and come up with High Level Strategic Framework required to integrate arbitration into ICT, Project.

THE IMPACT OF ICT ON THE NIGERIAN ECONOMIC GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Information and communication technology (ICT) offers the promise of fundamentally changing the lives of much of the world’s population.

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