Iraq for sale secret service corruption

Share via Email Iraqi demonstrators hold pictures of missing relatives during a weekly protest against corruption.

Iraq for sale secret service corruption

Reuters Across all levels of society, a realisation is sinking in that Iraq is now entering a phase that could prove every bit as destabilising — perhaps even more so — than the war against Islamic State. Jamal al-Bateekh, a senior tribal leader with the ear of the political class, said: But we have never closed it.

There has never been a reckoning. All that time, they have been dividing the carcass into pieces.

Iraq for sale secret service corruption

I tell you very frankly, no Iraqi power can take action on this. Sistani, who has remained taciturn throughout most of his career, had been unusually strident during his Friday sermons, delivered through a spokesman until he stopped them in protest in January.

We need to go through a soul-searching process. We need to lose our dependability on oil.

Iraq for sale secret service corruption

We need to prepare the public for change; on things such as VATs and other new measures. It is a question of a change in attitude. Here people are not accustomed to this.

Even the Secret Service is corrupt in Obama's administration – GOPUSA

Nevertheless, oil experts across the Middle East believe that the recent fall in prices is structural, not cyclical, with very serious consequences for economies that are largely driven by old energy.

There are so many outlets for this money to go without any accountability.Endemic corruption in Iraq has created a new industry in which senior security service officers buy their authority over particular neighbourhoods by bribing politicians, junior officers pay their.

Produced while the invasion was in full swing, Iraq for Sale investigates some the many private contractors and consultants that were brought into to Iraq as part of the United States military machine. Four major contractors are profiled: Blackwater, K.B.R.-Halliburton, CACI and Titan, along with investigations of human rights violations, systemic misconduct, corruption, and profiteering.

Sep 01,  · Report Reveals Corruption in Iraqi Government that it's not a secret. As a matter of fact, it says "sensitive but unclassified, not for distribution to personnel outside the U.S.

Embassy in. Iraq for Sale: Secret Service Corruption.

Topics: Robert Greenwald, Brave New Films, Iraq for Sale United States secret a service, a federal agency created and founded in This agency was a branch that rooted from the U.S treasury department for a specific mission. Because the U.S.

war on Iraq was an illegal war of aggression (), based on lies and propaganda, % of Halliburton's war profits should be confiscated and used for rebuilding Iraq and treating the Iraqi and U.S.

victims of the war. War in Iraq for Sale – These are the real War Profiteers April 21, The war in Iraq is something that many people have allready forgotten after the burst of the immo-bubble, Afghanistan, .

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