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She is the first serving assemblywoman to be married to a Chief Minister.

Mr guan

He was 91 years of age. What lessons can we draw from the life of Lee Kuan Yew? What insights can we glean from his leadership style? Courage If anybody had the heart of a lion, it would be Mr Lee.

Bold and audacious, he led Singapore through a period of political turmoil and instability during the s and s. When that deal fell through, Mr Lee did not waste much time moaning its demise perhaps beyond that fateful scene captured for immortality on film.

Many of these were unheard of then in both the developed and developing world. With confidence and much gumption, he persuaded these political and corporate leaders to put their money into a tiny tropical island with no natural resources.

Without that firm and unwavering conviction, he would have backed down when faced with obstacles or opposition. Some would say that Mr Lee was a hard man. However, it was his very same steely conviction which led to painful but necessary measures to be taken for Singapore.

His long-term goal setting and planning helped Singapore to achieve many accolades.

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Comparatively speaking, the quality of life in Singapore in terms of air quality, urban environment and road traffic is far superior to that of many other Asian cities. Mr Lee also realised early on that Singapore cannot survive on its own.

Communication Skills A prolific writer and speaker throughout his long career, Mr Lee was a storyteller par none. Articulate and convincing, he concocted the right blend of words, phrases and sentences to achieve maximum impact.

Mr guan

The greatest example of how Mr Lee wielded the power of words probably occurred when he gave a series of radio broadcasts as part of the Battle for Merger. Through a series of 12 radio talks, scripted and spoken personally by Mr Lee himself, he was able to convince Singaporeans to abet his cause.

A master of the English language herself, Mrs Lee worked in tandem with Mr Lee to produce stirring speeches that were not only simple to understand but memorable and impactful. Beyond public policies, Mr Lee was also renowned for his clarity in thinking. Even at a ripe old age, his formidable mind was razor sharp and he never backed down from a challenge by a worthy adversary — be it an opposition political member, a journalist with a different worldview, or even his own Cabinet Ministers or senior civil servants.

His ability to inspire and motivate others were well known throughout public sector circles. Taxi drivers, hawkers, teachers, drivers, office workers, financiers, government leaders, CEOs — folks from all walks of life are captivated when he speaks. Commitment Tenacity and grit are qualities most commonly associated with Mr Lee.

Mr Lee has shared several times in his speeches that Singapore is his life. The man has poured our his heart and soul to our nation, spending uncountable hours thinking and implementing policies and decisions that would improve our lot.

He was also extremely disciplined, favouring a spartan lifestyle over the trappings of luxury. His dedication to her — and hers to him — were the stuff of fairy tales.Dec 24,  · Mr. Six is a grumpy old fixture on his Beijing back street, ready to scold or shoot a withering look.

But as we are frequently reminded in the director Guan Hu’s character study “Mr. Six. Malaysia's Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng told a group of entrepreneurs it is time the country gave some healthy economic competition to its southern neighbour.

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