Nokia case study geography

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Nokia case study geography

Eric Francisco Vicente-Flores Thursday, June 5th, There are two types of globalization; that which involves the market and the other that involves production. Globalization of markets refers to the merging of historically distinct and separate national markets into one huge global market.

It is safe to say that the current standing of the world can owe its debts to globalization. However, with the birth of globalization and a unification of markets that expands every day, there are also negative aspects to this system.

Its name references its ability to produce and assemble consumer electronics at fox-like speed. Interestingly, Foxconn began a simple facility with only workers.

During this time, the company started to employ the technique of specialization of labor leading it to diversify its product lines in its factories around the regions of China.

Foxconn chose these regions because it provided the company with preferential tax policies, land, infrastructure and a huge supply of labor Ngai 6.

The company manages to attract most of its customers by offering a low-risk entry level of investment from them. It does this Nokia case study geography extending a chain that runs all the way from raw material extraction to the final assembly of the product its consumers are seeking.

We even have contracts with mines, which are located near our facilities. What this means is that when companies such as Apple decide to take part in Foreign Direct Investment, the risks that they face are lowered by investing in a company like Foxconn that has its own supply chain.

Foreign direct investment can be considered a direct effect of globalization. By Apple participating in FDI, it outsources jobs to China, were labor laws are in a less favorable position for workers. While Apple is not the only one, it is definitely one of the biggest offenders in recent history.

At the release of the white Iphone 4, Apple wanted the company to produce white Iphones without any slow-down on the production of the normal Iphone 4 Weir.

This in turn, created higher stress levels within the Foxconn employees, who already had to deal with horrible working conditions. In turn, many workers resorted to suicides; leading many to question the ethicality of the international world. Companies such as Apple, Sony, Microsoft and HP might follow the labor laws set in place within western countries, but most of the consumers who buy their products do not realize that this means nothing in the countries where the products they consume are made.

Nokia case study geography

Globalization, while pushing humanity as a whole towards the epitome of progress, has also brought about a major negative implication into the world market- the promotion of unethical behavior towards the working class of developing nations. The difference is that developing nations such as China have yet to mature the way the United States had matured by the time it became the recipient of FDI.

Foxconn provides a clear example of the negative effects that FDI investment has created in the global market. While there is a balance of payments going into China, only the wealthy are profiting from capitalist businesses.

FDI has also led China into a loss of sovereignty as many private firms now hold major control over major firms; affecting the development of just labor laws in the marketplace.

Nokia case study geography

Apple can either justify this by raising the cost of its products or it can simply choose to do business with another foreign firm. Since Apple products are already a bit on the overpriced side, Apple will most likely choose the latter, and save money on its manufacturing process.

This will lead to a drop in investment and hurt Foxconn as a business firm. By doing this, China has effectively kept itself from having to follow any of the rules that have kept the western world from mistreatment of its workers.

Also, by relying so heavily in FDI, Chinese workers are more or less at the mercy of the private firms that invest in the country. The globalization of markets has also led to the merging of separate national markets into a global one.

As time has progressed, this has led to the alienation of smaller firms, leading to an oligopolistic environment. · partnership for a livable roanoe valle case studies 1 case study 1 economic development case This is a revision pack I gave my Year 11's with all the case studies they need.

This is suitable for the OCR B examination board. This booklet does not have any Rivers or Coasts case studies as this wasn't in the exam this year/5(28). · GCSE Geography Case Studies Unit 1: Challenges of Living in a Built Environment Case Study Named Example 1 Housing in an urban area: tenure, access, opportunities, WJEC Case Study Contents page There is an app which will has all of these case studies!!

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Step taken by the Business Organization for Satisfying Customers. Way to know the needs of consumers for your Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (further Samsung), a part of the Samsung Group, is the world’s second largest technology company by revenue.

The company produces consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, semiconductors and home

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